Alter Schl8hof Wels



oktolog offers time and space for productive people to engage in creative and cooperative work. It takes place on eight days in August at Alter Schlachthof Wels, Upper Austria - a venue that constitutes an ideal location to meet & network, seek & find, try & improve, communicate & exchange, develop & impart, advance & reject, resume & complete. There is room for complex projects, vague ideas, whimsical experiments and everything in between. Don’t worry: you’re okay to succeed, but you’re always allowed to fail.

oktolog addresses persons working in visual and auditory arts, discourse and technology (as well as at the intersections of these fields). We kindly invite illustrators, writers, painters, musicians, designers, tinkerers, journalists, researchers, programmers, dancers, craftspeople and all other creative people to join us. Together we will fuse and weld, sing and play, write codes and texts, talk and ponder, dance & stroll, tinker and paint. It does not matter how old or experienced you are and where you come from: youngster to senior, newbie to professional, local to foreigner - all are equally welcome!

oktolog stands for

  • Basic infrastructure: spacious hall with stage, 2 studios, several small and medium-sized multi-purpose rooms, rehearsal room for musicians, extensive open-air ground, kitchen and bar. Electricity (heavy and low current) available, WiFi everywhere!
  • Inspiration / knowledge transfer: workshops, lectures, exchange with fellows.
  • Presentations: several opportunities throughout and at the end of the project week.
  • Community: museum tour(s), movie night(s), DJ line & concerts.
  • Accessibility: good transport connection by both train and car, venue located right in the city centre.
  • Wellbeing: inexpensive catering (optional) and accommodation.


We offer cheap accomodation in a befriended hostel, please contact info(at)oktolog.at if you need a room or only a bed in a room. A limited number of single, double and 4-bed rooms is available.

If you need more luxury, please contact one of the hotels on the right!

You can also park your trailer in the yard around the venue of Alter Schlachthof.

Other ho(s)tels:

Kremsmünstererhof ***

Bayrischer Hof ***

Hotel Hauser ****

Ploberger ****

Amedia Hotel ****


Getting there: Please use public transport or carpools!

Alter Schl8hof Wels
Dragonerstrasse 22
A - 4600 Wels

48.1585223 N | 14.017457 E

From railway station:
Take front exit, turn right on Schubertstrasse, at intersection with Vogelweidestrasse turn left, at intersection with Dragonerstrasse turn right.

From exit Wels-Ost:
Take B1/Linzer Strasse towards city center, at intersection with Dr.-Koss-Strasse turn left, at intersection with Dragonerstrasse turn right.

From exit Wels-West:
Take B1/Salzburger Strasse towards city center, at intersection with Dr.-Koss-Strasse turn right, at intersection with Dragonerstrasse turn right.